Below are services we offer for both managed and non-managed landlords

Non-managed Tenancy

managed Tenancy

Maintenance Cover:

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Letting Management Service

All of the points listed in the Letting Service

Arranging Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Preparing inventory and schedule of the contents of the property

Taking Gas & Electric meter readings prior to tenancy commencement

Notifying Gas, Electric, Water Boards and Council of change in occupancy

Establishing a rental account for payment of rent

Remitting rent to a landlord on a monthly basis

Carrying our periodic inspections of the property

Dealing with late rental payment

Liaising with DSS and Housing Benefit departments where necessary

Dealing with necessary repairs

Resolving neighbour disputes

Ensuring landlords right to repossession at the end of tenancy

Providing a thorough clean of the property at end of tenancy

Rechecking condition of property at end of tenancy

Dealing with any dilapidation, which occurred during tenancy and making appropriate deductions from the tenants deposit (allowing for wear and tear)

Dealing with any other tenancy matters, which may arise during the course

Deposit Protection (Tenancy Solutions)

Maintenance Cover

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